The Ras Tanura Integrated Project (RTIP) is a joint venture project between Saudi Aramco and the Dow Chemical Company. 

RTIP is a world-scale chemicals and plastics production complex In Jubail Industrial Area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

The RTIP Analytical Facilities has a separate laboratory at the RTIP Port Facilities located at a distance of approx. 35 km from the main RTIP production site. The RTIP Port Facilities is in an area referred to PCQ2, which is in south-western part of King Fahad Industrial Port (KFIP). 

This laboratory is responsible for providing analytical support for the Port Tank Farm, Port Liquid Handling Facilities, and Jetty Topsides including marine loading arms, flexible loading hoses, emission and slop handling systems, and loading/unloading of any liquids to/from tank trucks, ships etc. 

A comprehensive set of construction drawings were to be prepared for the architectural portions of the services including coordination and design with engineering and regulatory disciplines to ensure an integrated set of construction drawings, specifications and data sheets.

King Fahd Industrial Port (KFIP), Al Jubail

9,200 SFT

Completed 2016

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