The upcoming international cricket stadium at Kotambi, Vadodara is set to be an iconic structure exemplifying the Barodians passion for cricket. With a total capacity of 30,000 spectators, 650 seats in luxury box, the three-tiered stadium having zero kill seats shall offer intimate, spacious, uninterrupted views of the action.

 The stadium is designed considering the changing nature of the game for international viewing and broadcast amenities. 

The ethos of the design of entire complex is minimal environmental impact- the parameters of orientation of facade, material selection are on the lines of sustainability. The fenestration of the entire arena is configured such that the spectators shall have optimum thermal comfort and the spaces inside remain airy throughout the year considering micro-climate. The psychological aspect of establishing a sense of safety and comfort in a public building is curated by repeating prominently visible design elements- such as staircase- for easy orientation of spectators; accessibility for differently abled spectators and senior citizens is an integral part of the design. A conscious measure has been taken to harvest and conserve water and solar energy using sophisticated technology. Incorporation of building and waste management system will also contribute in efficient functioning of the entire stadium complex.

These critical decisions shall administer unique experience for spectators in terms of vista, comfort, safety and services.