Triveni Landmark is an exceptional mixed-use development project located in Anand City, Gujarat, encompassing a vast area of 193,000 SFT. It seamlessly integrates multiple functional spaces to cater to the diverse needs of the occupants. The brief called for creating multiple anchor shops for large retail, scattered with small footprint stores on the first two levels, and a dedicated restaurant floor with specific technical requirements for the BOH. The top floors on the South wing comprises of multi-level service apartments, with 60 units in total. The West wing comprises a multilevel commercial and office block that connects with breakout terraces at three different levels. The project boasts of a series of entry points dedicated to its mix of commercial, hospitality, and office spaces, with a separate entrance for each function. The architectural design is meticulously crafted, combining aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a seamless blend with the city’s urban fabric while setting new standards in architectural excellence. The project prioritizes sustainability and includes advanced systems like solar panels, waste management solutions, and all MEPF services, making it a truly remarkable landmark development.


193,000 SFT