Jariwala Brother’s Residence

Architecture and Interior Design

6000 SFT

Completed (2012)

The two identical houses designed for two brothers, Jariwala residence sits on a site of 6000 sft. Derivation of the design was a result of site conditions, client’s requirements, vastu and constraints. Located in a densely populated area, this residence is designed as inward looking structure opening onto the private garden spaces. The idea of raised plinth is applied here with the ground cover becoming the parking area for 4 cars of each and the entry into house happening at the first floor. Terraces and double height spaces carefully designed keeps the house properly ventilated and allows in sufficient light. The functional spaces on the lower floor gets more open spaces while on the floor above, the bedrooms have balconies overlooking the terrace below. Use of natural material and color palette in exterior and interior gives the residence a warm hue.