Baku City Mall (BCM)

Architecture (with F+A Architects, USA)

4.2 million SFT
Baku, Azerbaijan

Incomplete (2010)

Intended as an urban revival project for the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, BCM was conceptualized over a mind-boggling area of 4.2 million sft. This mall primarily consists of shopping zones, entertainment zones, food courts, atriums, Olympic sized ice-skating rink, aquarium and multi-level parking.

The design was principally based on hindrance free circulation and careful zoning with multiple entries into the mall and every node becoming an atrium or a public plaza. The circulation forms a loop allowing one to come back to starting point. Handling a project of such scale, gave us an opportunity to explore many materials, details and structural configurations. The detailed design involved some 80 varieties of natural stones, 60 varieties of vitrified tiles, 17 varieties of glazing and 32 varieties of other cladding materials. Challenging and exciting, this project helped the firm gain a lot of self- confidence and stronger foothold in terms of handling projects of greater size and complexities.